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Ozone Franchises

Ozone Services and Ozone Generator Distribution Franchises

We Are Looking for New Franchisees
  • We are continuing our international expansion as an innovative and profitable franchise
  • We offer a unique business model with numerous business opportunities which has been tested over more than 20 years of experience.
  • This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs or business owners with parallel businesses.
Specialists in Ozone Purification and Disinfection

Interior air quality and the elimination of smells - Water treatment - Hygiene and food safety - Agricultural applications of ozone - Personalized ozone services - Manufacturers of ozone generators

Why Become a Franchisee?

ASP Asepsia's franchises are:

Profitable Franchise
  1. PROFITABLE: Quick return on your investment. Financial stability, because the business is based on recurring income from a broad portfolio of customers (through service fees).
  2. SAFE: Low level of risk exposure through offering a global service and a highly-diversified portfolio, including in terms of services, products and markets (with customers in almost every sector of economic activity).
  3. INNOVATIVE: A new and emerging market, due to the new needs of customers and legislation that is becoming stricter every day.
  4. EXCLUSIVE: Leading company in the sector with a unique service without real competition. Manufacturers.
  5. AFFORDABLE: Minimal investment in infrastructure compared to other types of businesses and franchises.
  6. TESTED: The business model is backed by more than 20 years of experience.
Oficial Certifications

Benefits of Being an ASP Franchisee

ASP is continuing its international expansion by adopting a franchise model. To do so, we are looking for entrepreneurs and business owners that are interested in setting up their own business in a growing sector, with an affordable investment and guaranteed profitability.

ASP's services, which are based on ozone and high-performance environmental filtration systems, provide state-of-the-art technological solutions that improve the quality of services offered to customers, simultaneously ensuring compliance with legislation and improving the profitability of your businesses.

Its constant innovation in the ozone purification and disinfection sector makes ASP a leader in interior air quality, water treatment, hygiene and food safety as well as agricultural and post-harvest applications.

Manufacturers of Professional Ozone Generators

ASP is a Spain-based company that designs and manufactures professional ozone generators (also known as ozonators) that comply with the strictest European quality standards and legislation on ozone safety. To do so, it offers its customers a service based on reliable, safe and long-lasting products.

Because ASP manufactures its own devices, it is also capable of developing device designs that are completely customized based on its customers' needs and/or which are designed to resolve specific problems.

A Model Backed by 20 Years of Experience

ASP is offering to set up its successful business model consolidated over more than 20 years of history in your city or area of influence. It is also worth noting that ASP even maintained good performance during the financial crisis due to the high added value of its solutions and the variety of the services and sectors in which it operates, among other reasons.

The brand sells ozone and high-performance filtration services to purify and disinfect the air in interior spaces (interior air quality), to eliminate bad smells and for water treatment and food conservation. Because of this, ASP is present in a variety of sectors, in which it provides different purification and disinfection services (whether at bars and restaurants, hotels, schools, day care centers, sports centers, hospitals and clinics, offices…).

Moreover, ASP has a department for agricultural ozone applications. It offers ozone systems for irrigation and ozonated water treatments intended to improve production as well as prevent and eliminate diseases in crops. Following the harvest and in the food industry, it provides comprehensive services for different processes, such as environmental treatment, washing and sterilizing foods and conserving them in cold rooms. It also offers specialized services for viticulture (grape growing and the wine industry).

Thanks to the broad diversification of its services and sectors, ASP franchises are exposed to a very low risk. In addition, ASP follows a model based on the provision of services to small companies with recurring fees, which provides even more stability and solidity to the business model.

As mentioned above, the brand also has a competitive advantage due to the fact that it manufactures its products in Spain, which allows it to offer personalized, high-quality services at an affordable price. Because of this, it has the possibility of creating products that are "customized" based on customers' needs or which are intended to resolve specific problems, with the complete guarantee of a product manufactured in the European Union (Made in Spain).

High Expectations

People are becoming increasingly worried about their health, cleanliness, food safety and quality of life. Customers are becoming more demanding with respect to these elements every day, meanwhile governments are making legislation stricter. In particular, the European Union has banned many polluting or unsafe chemical products for disinfecting and processing foods.

Meanwhile, ASP's technology is spreading quickly, as it is environmentally sustainable because it does not generate chemical residues and results in significant water savings, at the same time as reducing customers' times and costs.

ASP is offering a business opportunity that does not require a large initial investment in infrastructure, at the same time as offering high profitability expectations in a sector that is clearly growing, with enormous business opportunities. Almost all new franchisees become profitable businesses, and they are an example of success in their area of influence.

Guaranteed Services
  • Customized solutions for every concrete need.
  • Safety and efficiency: periodic analyses and measurements of residual ozone.
  • Maximum quality, manufactured in Spain by the company itself.
  • Certified product supplier in the European Union.

ASP's Purification and Disinfection Services

Interior air quality: air purification and disinfection
Elimination of bad smells

ASP offers air purification and disinfection solutions based on ozone generation and high-performance filtration to obtain clean and healthy internal environments, controlling pathogenic microorganisms and air pollutants.

On the other hand, the company also offers specialized services to eliminate all sorts of bad smells that affect the image of businesses and companies, as well as for employee comfort, also eliminating the feeling of an environment with an excessive number of smells.

Ozone air purification and disinfection and/or air purifiers have multiple uses, including at offices, primary schools, retirement homes, restaurants, cafés, gyms, clinics, hotels and households, among others.

Water Treatment

ASP's ozone-based water treatment systems respect the environment, people and food, because ozone does not leave behind any chemical residues (because it breaks down into oxygen).

These applications include the potabilization and reuse of waste water, the prevention of Legionella, the treatment of spa and pool waters with ozone…

Food Safety and Hygiene

In the food and hotel industries, ASP implements ozone systems to sterilize and disinfect foods, surfaces, machinery, cutting tools, etc. It also provides solutions for disinfecting and deodorizing cold rooms and improving the conservation of food products.

Ozone, both in its gas form as well as in the form of ozonated water, guarantees optimal disinfection and sterilization without leaving behind any chemical residues (as it naturally breaks down into oxygen).

Ozone in Agriculture

ASP implements a customized ozone system at each farm to improve production and profitability, preventing and treating diseases without leaving behind chemical residues.

Agricultural Applications of Ozone:
  • - Irrigating crops with ozonated water: greenhouses, hydroponics, organic farming, open fields…
  • - Spraying (replacing sulfites or fumigation).
  • - Disinfection and sterilization (the ground, growing mediums, irrigation water, filling system and the agricultural products themselves).
  • - Irrigation and treatment with ozonated water in nurseries and greenhouses.
Post-Harvest Applications of Ozone:
  • - Washing and disinfection of fruits and vegetables. Hydro-cooling system.
  • - Conservation of fruits and vegetables in cold rooms (ozone gas).
  • - Ethylene control with ozone gas.
  • - Sterilization of white rooms or handling rooms, containers, machinery…

ASP offers the food industry comprehensive services that can include, depending on the company's needs, environmental treatment services, smell elimination, water treatment, food and machinery sterlization or agricultural-use ozone (such as in the viticulture industry).



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